Hello world!

Through the depths of despair, pain and a long road to the loss of one’s self, there’s a place where we look up and hope abounds. The journey back to one’s self is not an easy mountain to climb, but it is in the climb where our new self is born. This blog and these writings … are part of my new journey and happiness. My prayer is that you’ll join me along my journey and allow us to all inspire, encourage, and change a world.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. robin israel says:

    you’ve already inspired me over and over again. i admire u deeply. i’m definitely joining in this journey with you. thanks for sharing your read. i needed to read this message. beautifully said. love u sis

  2. Mit Maras says:

    Thanks so much sis! And the admiration is certainly mutual! Welcome aboard our crazy life! LOL

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