The two greatest miracles thus far in my life give me the privilege of being called Mommy and wife. In my husband, I found my soul. In my son, I found my legacy and reason for existing. There are other titles that make up who I am. In my parents and siblings and their families, I found inspiration. In my extended family, I found dedication. And in my very close friends, I found my true self.

I am blessed beyond measure to be afforded the luxury of being a Stay at Home Mom and to homeschool our son. Our decision to pull him from a Public School District so engrossed in who I am, was perhaps the hardest decision so far. For medical (non life threatening) and spiritual purposes … this is the path God has led our family down. The time has allowed many opportunities for me to serve and minister in our local church, as well as, to find this new unleashed passion for writing.

I dabbled in high school in a creative writing class I took Sr. year to avoid a “real” class like Trigonometry or Physics. Without putting any effort into much of the work, the teacher was impressed. Yet, that is where the story ended. I wrote no more until recently. In a personal journey to rediscover … me … the creativity unexpectedly began to pour onto the pages. I do not proclaim to be an expert, nor will I ever act like I am one. I am a lover of run-on sentences and very poor grammar, but I love to get my thoughts out the best I can. I am a very humble woman stepping into -your- world. So I do it with caution, fear, admiration, respect and humbleness.

Enough with the heavy … now for the fun!

My personal favorites that I can’t live without…..

drink: Mountain Dew

snacks: sunflower seeds and chocolate (although never eaten together)

TV show: Shark Tank. Used to be Criminal Minds –  I quit when Derek left and they fired Hotch.  ~smiles sweetly~

Movies: The Shack, How to Train Your Dragon (original and the second one), Ever After, A Walk to Remember, Chasing Liberty, Courageous, Letters to God (TEAR JERKER), Friday Night Lights, Robinhood (with Kevin Costner) and a whole list of others I can’t recall now!

Radio Station: air1 or KLOVE  – no other station will lift you up like these. I listen to no other.

Food: Mexican – I could eat chicken fajitas (bajitas … as my lil guy calls them) every single night. I believe I have salsa running through my veins!

WHO am I exactly? Here’s a few tidbits!

I am:

a red head and all that it implies. ~allows you to fill in the blanks~

a new drinker to the coffee community (as long as it’s full of sugar and French Vanilla Coffee Mate creamer so it doesn’t actually taste like coffee)

an avid lover of animals. We’ve had lizards and frogs and hermit crabs to add to the 4 dogs (one stray who literally showed up at our door) and our ever independent cat.

a VERY VERY picky eater. I do not like trying new foods because I like what I like! 🙂

a woman who has no problems being completely silly and playing with the kids. Kids are untainted and pure.

So pull up a chair, sit down, strap in, hang on and enjoy the ride. Remember you’ll only get out of this life what you put into it. So dive in with me! Mostly I hope and pray to enjoy this journey as we all sail along!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. robin israel says:

    WOW!!!! Misty, you’re such an inspiration to me and i’m sure to many others also. I love Criminal Minds also, so I will have to join u one night to watch it. I think it’s wonderful how you can balance your life as you do & always helping others through Christ…it shows 🙂 New coffee drinker…hmm,,, yay. so it’s not just me and memaw now…LOL 🙂 Thank u for sharing your life with us. I’m excited to Enjoy this ride as i read your writings and such. I love u girl!!!! 🙂 ❤ May God Bless you Abundantly as you go through this journey of "YOU"! 🙂

  2. robin israel says:

    i dont know how to do Twitter…i will try to figure that one out:)

  3. Mit Maras says:

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. Your comments truly mean the world to me. I’m so blessed you are on this journey with me. Love you!

  4. Joyce says:

    I liked your ‘about’ post. You sound like a woman who easily inspires others as well. I am a 65 yr. old mother, grandmother and most importantly a Christian. I was also a ‘stay at home mom’, and proud of it. (Read my post, ‘Swinging Seniors’ where I talk about that), and love my family too, (a husband of over 46 years, two grown girls, and 4 great grand kids). I have been a serious writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry since 1974, and have a passion about writing just about anything worth putting into words, using my own ‘voice’, but hopefully always with God’s help. Thank you for visiting my blog recently and hope you will come back and visit again. My best to you in yours.

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