Seasons come. And seasons go. The old saying is very much true, and aren’t we glad of that fact when the seasons are rough ones? After a while away from writing, I am finding my way back. The creative juices have finally begun to flow again, and Niagra Falls has met its match. {laughs} We all face seasons in life, and I am glad the seasons taking me away from my exploration of writing are beginning to be fully behind me.

The children’s book is written and awaiting illustrations before being uploaded to Amazon for printing. After rave reviews from the beta readers, and minor changes from the editing friend, the story itself is complete and ready to go. The illustrations and cover design are now in the process of being worked up so they can be added to the story.

The story follows a six year old boy through a fun filled journey to learn the ten plagues of the Bible. Jeremy Jenkins learns one Sunday that he can earn his very first badge if he can learn and recite, IN ORDER, the ten plagues. With some help from his parents and other family members, Jeremy learns an “out of the box” way to remember the order of the plagues.

With that book almost ready to be published, there are more just begging to be put to paper. The one currently being worked on is a book for Moms, written by Moms. After an incident with my own child, I needed a place to vent and express my hurts about how others treat certain children. As my words spilled out onto the paper at lightning speed, I realized there were tons of other Moms who have had the same experience, if not worse, and that they would appreciate a place to get their story out as well. Who better to write a book of struggle, learning, and healing for Moms than Moms themselves?

For the new book, I need stories. So watch in the next day or so for a way to get your story told in a compilation book. The amount of interest in just a short synopsis of this book to professional writers and editors has shown there is a need for this book to be written. So, for now, I must leave you and dive back into writing.


Enjoying the journey,

Mit Maras

© Mit Maras 2014

The Betas Have It …

The Betas Have It …

© 2013 Mit Maras

First off, I can’t believe I even have beta readers. Last week, I finished my final read through and slowly began sending the book out to a few for their opinions. The writing world gives them the title of beta readers. I give them the title of trusted souls. The people I chose are a widely diverse group of people. They range in age, gender, race, creed…just about anything you could think of. Some of them have children. Some of them do not. The one common denominator they all possess is the connection they each have with the Lord. They are all mighty women and men of God, whom I trust to give honest feedback. I trust they will look out for the protection of God’s character above and beyond the protection of my own.

I have had the privilege of being a beta reader several times before, but I never imagined I would have my own group of betas reading a book that I wrote. This is all a little surreal for me. Writing books was never a dream of mine. Now, here I am about to submit my first one to be professionally edited. From there it will be illustrated, with the final stop at publication!

Most writers I know get very nervous when the book is sent out to the beta readers. They await feedback from years of pouring their hearts out onto the pages and are seeking the approval they long for. This book has been in the works, quietly, for about a year now. Even those closest to me have just recently learned about its’ existence. As I sent out the manuscript to the betas, I tried to be nervous. I tried to figure out what each person would say when I was deciding on whom to ask for their opinions. No matter what I did, I simply couldn’t get nervous. There was another emotion overtaking me…excitement. I am excited for people to be reading the book. I am excited to include people along my journey whom I trust and value their opinions. They will only make the book better for everyone.

So with a very excited heart, I await the betas opinions as they trickle back in. This coming weekend, the printed manuscript will be sent to be edited. Thank you all for joining me on this journey. The goal….at the end of this process is to provide you and your children a fun way to remember the ten plagues. I pray it blesses you and your family as much as it has mine.




© 2013 Mit Maras